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Monday, 10. August 2009 10:32  Write a comment

Hi Queenie, I'm Janet, do you remember me?The stupid girl who asked silly, simple conpcept question after class on SAT?

After I have appealed my HKAL result, I got C in Economics(AL),though not very good.Last year I only got E

As a repeater there was great pressure,
I remember my hand trembled as I attempted the AL econ paper.
Hardly could I recognize my handwriting!

As I have very low esteem, I used to have negative thinking about my HKAL result since the day I decided to repeat.To be successful,(though I am not) confidence was very important as it will motivate us to strive hard.

There is much more challenge awaiting me as I am going to study a 4-year Law prog at City U

Hopefully I will be more positive and change my mindset after entering university

queenie.Thank you very much for your guidance and teaching again
Attending your lessons was well-worth it!

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