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Lau Ton Fei, Sophie, F.7 Macro Regular  
Holy Trinity College
Exam result:
AL Econ: B
Friday, 2. July 2010 01:30  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hihi Queenie, do you remember me? I have called you and asked you some silly questions before the AL exam. I used to attend the Sat morning lessons in Mongkok with my friends.

It's hard to believe that I've got a "B" in the HKAL Econ exam. I want to share this B with you! Your step by step model answers help me a lot! I can't imagine what my result would be if I only rely on those notes from my school teacher. =p

Actually I felt so worried before receiving the AL result because the questions of section C of Microeconomics is so horrible!

Having B is such a big surprise. I really need to thank my friends for recommending you to me!

To be frank, in the beginning, it is hard to catch up the lessons as you write and speak fast. Sometimes I felt depressed and have to repeat the steps again. HAHA, Saturday morning, I am always sleepy ...

But, it is worthwhile!! You really helps me to remember the flow. I love your logic flow concepts!!!

Thank you for everything :)

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