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Kitty Chan (F.7 Macro & Micro regular course)  
S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School
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Saturday, 10. July 2010 00:07  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Queenie,

I have just received my AL results and I have got a B for Economics! That is really very great for me!!!!

Since F.6, I actually hated Econ a lot because it is so demanding, I thought I was not able to manage it! But I persisted to attend your lessons and finished almost all of the homework given by you. But still very often I cannot finish them because it is too difficult! ==

Till F.7, I am still weak in Econ, therefore when I took the exam, I was extremely nervous! But I remember that you have said ' you are a student of Queenie's so you can do it' Therefore I still tried to write even though I did not actually know the answer==
And when I know that I have a B for Economics, I was really surprised! it is your support all the time so that I can finish this 'mission impossible'!

Thank you so much=)

Wish you all the best


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