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Helen Ngai, AL Micro & Macro regular  
DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Sec School
Exam result:
AL Econ: A
Sunday, 1. July 2012 16:28  Write a comment

Hello Queenie , im Helen
attended in both micro and macro econ in your live and vdo class 2011-2012

First of all , i am so proud to be your student and i got an A in Econ . I'd like to thank you with all my heart, i know without your help and endurance , i cant achieve this >< You mean a lot to me ♥♥ muahhh!!! haha

Besides your teaching in the lesson , you also called and texted me gosh !!! i am so surprised and moved with what you have done ♥♥♥♥
i still rmb the day before i took the AL econ exam , we had several calls on the phone , you didn't really understand what i was trying to say hahahahhah but you were trying to fill me in , thanks >< !!!and at last you asked me to go to bed and stopped thinking of it , and of coz i really went to bed :D

i rmb you asked us to finish the mc in 20 mins ? i forgot , but i used 12-13 mins to finish the mc part in both micro and marco , of coz , with 2-3 questions leaving unanswered until the last min . And i tried my best to answer the micro part c questions .. with a normal heart , not thinking too much ... and i guess that's why i think early sleeping is the most important key to success !coz clear mind and calm mood will follow :D so i can answer the questions in a quicker time

This 'A' makes my future, im going to further my studies in hong kong u e&f coz i currently found econ and finance fit my interest :P and my summer job is also related to this sort of thing heheh , my other subjects are also quite satisfied , all B , so im really glad that your A.. i mean my A in econ has sharpened my result!

Know that you have changed to modern education , hope you will continue your teaching in the same way - whole heartedly , wont give up on any one of us and you deserve a brighter future ( feel like i m kinda old of saying this ) but no matter where you are , i will support you anyway :)

Beloved, Helen
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