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LAM SHUN WAI / F.7 Macro & F.6 Micro regular  
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Sunday, 1. July 2012 19:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

Miss Wu, really thank you for your excellent teaching these 2 years!
You have answered a load of questions from me and without your clear explanation, I cannot get a B in AL Econ.
Although you were usually in a hurry to attend next lesson after F7 Macro regular class and thus could not answer all our Qs, you will surly help us very patiently when you have spare time, e.g. when you did not need to attend S6 lessons.
I remember that on the day before AL Econ exam approached, you even resolved all my Qs in person. Your help brought so much confidence to me :)
More importantly, you guided us to love economics. You told us that economic issues happen everywhere in our life and we need to be aware of them. That's why AL econ is my favourite subject during F6-7.
Hope you will be successful in Modern Edu. and have a happy life with your family! (^o^)
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