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Wong Ka Lam (F.7 Macro & F.6 Micro regular cou  
PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College
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Wednesday, 14. July 2010 17:24  Write a comment Send E-mail

thx a lot, queenie!
my CE Econ only got grade C,
but after joining yr course since Form 6,I've improved a lot and i got grade B this time:)

your MC skill saved me a lot as i got 28 & 27 questions correct in Mic and Mac! also, yr sec B logic flow helped me so much I hv no idea what to write before. but the strongest part is yr sec C! I could only write a few rows before but I could write much more and more gradually.

My good result certainly because of u!
thx a lot for yr effort.

Wong Ka Lam
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