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Wong Wai Ying, Kathy (f.6 Micro & f,7 Macro re  
S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School
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AL Econ: A
Saturday, 17. July 2010 12:34  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Queenie,

Hello. It has been a long long time since i last saw you . Are you now having a busy life?

I am sorry for telling you my results so late because i was so happy and i almost forgot. >< .I got an A for economics and overall speaking i got 4As 1C.

Queenie, i really have to thank you for your patient, detailed and interesting teaching. I could not have got an A for economics without your help. Your post-lesson supports ,like essays marking and econ-hotline service ( indeed it is a new name created by me =v=) , have really helped a lot in my AL preparation.

I understand that queenie's course would not provide any scholarships like other econ tutors.However, this does not deter me from writing a thank you letter to you.

Do you still remember what you have said at the beginning of F.7? Like "you must start doing pastpapers now , or else you will be beated up by other candidates.", " You are so lucky to be one of Queenie's students. you are already better than others". Your words and teaching mean so much to me.

Thank you , Queenie. :)

Kathy (a girl with a blushed face, I always picked the seats of the first row in your live lessons on Saturday morning at MongKok Centre!)
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