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Crystal Lee (F.6 Micro & F.7 Macro)  
PLK 1983 Board of Directors College
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Tuesday, 3. August 2010 00:34  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Queenie,

I finally have everything settled and can squeeze some time to write you this Thank you letter!
Actually,I am a student who has attended your lessons since Form 6 but I quitted in the middle of the term because I wanted to try something new.
But in the end, you are still the best!

I would not be able to get a C without your teaching.

I like your lessons because they were very lively and you were always there when your students needed your help!
Without you, I could never ever find my enthusiasm in Econ again; without you, I would not know how to answer questions (you are so kind that you helped us correct them!)!

Thanks so much, Queenie!!!
I am so thankful that I could get a C as I only got a D in my HKCEE!
I just thought all my efforts were wasted and I had no confidence at all in HKAL Econ until I met you!
(Even my teacher strongly recommended me not to take Econ at the beginning of F.6)

So I think you really ROCK!
I finally got admitted to CU English (haha, I got an A in UE!)
though it's not my A1(HKU BA), I am determined to lead a fruitful U life in the coming 3 years! :)

My AL results:
Economics C
Chinese Literature C
Geography C

Crystal Lee
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