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julia course: Sat morning macro course  
DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School
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Friday, 4. July 2008 10:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Miss Wu:

Hi! Still remember me? I'm julia.My result is not very good, only get a C. However, it can also help me to choose my favourite subjects! I will tell you which university I will be going to.(Maybe in August:>).

I am working in a logistic firm as a account cleck now. The workload is quite large. But I can learn many things in it(especially the communication skill). I may travel to Taiwan in August.

I only join the macro course this year. But the feeling is very well. The logic flow is very useful! I can apply it in the other subjects too!(e.g. it is very useful in Geography ^^). I only use your notes and Yuen's paper this year instead of my textbook. I think it is enough. Your course is not boring and you are a nice teacher. You help me to solve many questions before the exam (especially the mc questions^^)

Finally, I hope your baby girl is a clever and pretty girl. Could you upload her photos to your xanga??

I am looking forward to your reply.^^

:-) :-)

Best regards,
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