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Lei (micro + marco)  
private candidate
Exam result:
B in Econ
Friday, 4. July 2008 20:00  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Queenie,

Hello. How are you recently?
I am so happy to receive your caring e-mail.
Actually I want to contact you too !
I've got a B in Econ !!
I feel so surprised and happy about it.
Although I've chatted with you only for few times and you may not recognise me clearly
I do want to thank you so much !
Your courses really helped me a lot, especially the micro intensive one.

I am a private candidate. My CE result was not good. I was very lazy in F.6,7 and studied in a relatively poor school. I learned virtually nothing about Economics. The concepts were in a mess. I didn't really understand what economics is at all.
Thus, I could only get a E in Econ last year.

Started from last October, I determined to study this subject by reading Chan and Kwok by my own. However, This only helped me have a fundamental framework of the syllabus. I still cant grasp the main points and also the skills. I was frustrated.
However, my friends suggested me to join your courses.
Things had a sharp turn.
I found your lessons very useful, and surprisingly, they are all interesting !!
I really meant it !
You teached me skills to anaylse questions and to answer them effectively, especially the micro section C part.
Also, I have a clearer concept of the topic of Exchange Rate in Macro after joining your last macro module.
It also helped me a lot ! I'd got 28/30 correct in the AL ECON macro exam ! I am really glad of it and want to share my joy with you !

My satisfactory result should be contributed to your virtually perfect teaching !
Thanks a lot, Miss Wu.

I would absolutely recommend my relatives and people I know to join your course so that they can step towards success!

Best wishes,

Poon Yee Ki, Lei
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