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Wong Kok Yin (Macro & Micro)  
Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
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Thursday, 31. July 2008 22:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Queenie,
Hi ! Sorry for hadn's asked you out for lunch ar.....coz i'm kinda busy....hv to work lei!!!
But today is my last day la....coz i quit the summer job and wait for entering the U.....maybe i can ask u for lunch later, of coz i will also ask kent too.

By the way...i got into Poly U ACC....but wt a bad news is last year Poly A&F admmission score was too that not many people dare to put it in band A this year.....and many people who hv lower score than me can get into Poly A&F. and many people like me whose socre is 13.X are going to enter Poly's my A2 choice.....i am kinda regret ar....didnt take risk and try to put Poly A&F in A2>"<.......turns out i enter a worse degree but hv to face much keen competition-0-....oh my goshhhhh!!!!

btw, congrats to hv a little princess ar, wt a great news.she is very cute ar...with big eyes@@ dont know is there any chance to see her lei....haha!!!!
Best wishes,
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